Handcrafted Award Winning Farmstead Cheese

Josh and Amy Clark are third generation farmers, first generation cheese makers. They craft unique award winning farmstead cheeses from their herd of registered Jerseys at their family farm in Skowhegan, Maine.

Amy & Josh believe in making just a few cheeses, and making them well. They specialize two aged cheeses, a raw milk aged Gouda and a Double Gloucester. These two cheeses are aged with a natural rind and come in a variety of flavors, including their specialty, Applewood smoked which is available only certain times of the year. Their fresh cheese specialty is a whole milk Ricotta and a pressed Herbed Ricotta which they sell both wholesale and retail. It’s the best-seller at the local farmers’ market and is unlike any Ricotta on the market because it’s made with whole Jersey milk, making it richer and creamier than the brands you find at the grocery store. This cheese brought home a 3rd place ribbon at the 2013 national American Cheese Society competition.

As you often hear, you can’t make good cheese without good milk. This could not be more true. Amy is fortunate to have access to the highest quality award winning Jersey milk which Josh and his herd produce twice a day, every day. Jersey cows are a special breed. Their milk, naturally high in butterfat and protein, gives Crooked Face Creamery cheese an authentic rich flavor. As part of his commitment to environmentally-friendly farming, Josh practices rotational grazing, a method where cows are turned out to graze on a fresh field of grass after every milking. This means happier cows and better tasting milk. Using this creamy fresh milk, Amy handcrafts her farmstead cheeses with love.

You can learn more about Amy & Josh in a recently published book, Get Back Stay Back * 2nd Generation back-to-the-landers by local Maine writer, Joseph Conway:

Get Back ⇄ Stay Back · 2nd Generation Back-to-the-Landers from Wool Wood and Whiskey on Vimeo.

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